Corporate Philosophy

Information Brokerage Ltd. (IBL) is proud of its innovative approach to providing first class solutions for our clients. At IBL we believe that in order to be successful in this world you must leave it as a little better place to live than it was when you entered it. There must be a delicate balance between what we reap from society and what are putting back in gratitude. At IBL the corporate entity, as well as individual staff members, participate in community activities, by applying our technology and resources to assist the less fortunate, or by investing time in community activities. This philosophy drives our commitment to establishing good relations with our clients and the community at large.

Employees at IBL are encouraged to maintain a delicate balance in their lives with respect to work and family. Providing demanding IT solutions on vigorous schedules can be stressful and taunting. At times it may be necessary to work long hours, weekends, or travel for extended periods, but in all cases work load must be balanced with family time, and employees are encouragement to become involved in external activities.

This is our corporate philosophy and we at IBL live it everyday.