Professional Services

Information Brokerage Ltd. (IBL) offer a wide variety of products and services focused on geospatial information technology, which may be generally categorized as consulting and customized application development utilizing third party software solutions.

Consulting Services

Geomatics professionals at IBL have more than 25 years of experience in the geomatics industry. This in house experience coupled with an extensive network of affiliations in the information technology industry is drawn on to meet client needs.

IBL personnel offer technical assistance to clients on a variety of software products and have specialized in the ESRI suite of web enabled geographic information software. Resources with the firm offer consulting services ranging from traditional geomatics activities, such as data acquisition or processing to web enabled data collection, data processing and data retrieval solutions. Personnel with IBL believe in offering professional services that fit client business needs and processes as opposed to building end solutions that require the client change how they do business.

Consulting services can be summarized as follows:
  • Information Services: Data Capture / Conversion, Database Management / Maintenance, Spatial Analysis, Hydrographic Information Processing, Network Analysis, Topology Analysis, Map Production, Project Management, Application Development, Business Process Analysis, Requirements Specifications, Technology Integration Specifications.
  • Surveying Services: Cadastral Surveying, GPS Control Networks, Hydrographic Surveying, Offshore Positioning, Offshore and On-land Route Location Surveys, Subdivision Designs, Project Management.
  • Engineering Services: Feasibility studies, Water and Sewer Design, Municipal Consulting, Land Use Management, Town Planning, Precise Engineering Surveys, Project Management.
  • Web Services: Design and construction of web sites, web site positioning, web site hosting, web site maintenance.

IBL can boast about offering quality services utilizing the latest in technology that the geomatics industry has to offer. We are licensed to operate the latest releases of third part software on a fully networked computer system that is upgraded on an annual basis.

Customized Development Services

Team members at IBL are experts in designing customized end user solutions that not only harness the power of the Internet but also incorporate the advantages associated with integrating geospatial data analysis. IBL has “tried and tested” development techniques that engage the client throughout the development cycle and offer milestone reviews to ensure that projects remain on track, on schedule and on budget.

Common components of the development life cycle include exploratory meetings, project specifications, database design, GUI design, hardware analysis, application development, alpha and beta testing, documentation, installation and training, ongoing maintenance and support. Solutions are scaleable, which means the technology can change or easily adapt to changing requirements of the client.

IBL has implemented a strategic approach to project management. The Company offers structured change management procedures, project charters, status reports and client involvement.

IBL has the flexibility to offer end users business solutions that are not specifically tied to any one software product. The development team has the expertise to pick the best products on the market to meet client requirements, which can be further enhanced or customized as the need may be.

GIS Software products that Information Brokerage Ltd. have acquired experience in consists of the following:
  • ESRI Arc IMS
  • ESRI Arc GIS Server
  • ESRI ArcInfo
  • MapINFO Products
  • AutoDesk Platforms
  • Oracle and other RDBMS

Development languages/tools that team members are functional in consist of the following:
  • Visual Basic. NET
  • Visual Basic
  • MS Suite of Software
  • Delphi
  • Visual C++
  • HTML
  • Active Server Pages – ASP
  • Java