Geospatial Tracker Launched
Mar 20, 2006

Technology Expected to Help Keep Public Safe. MARYSTOWN-Newfoundland- Information Brokerage Ltd is pleased to announce the release of their new Geospatial Tracking System.

IBL’s new innovative technology integrate with a variety of global tracking systems and present the results from anywhere in the world, through any standard Internet browser. IBL teamed up with Blue Oceans Satellite Systems, who are providing the satellite communications, which have made this project possible.

GeoSpatial Tracker is currently up and running and being promoted for safety and security reasons. Tracking units weighting approximately 1 kilogram, which provide satellite communications, can be positioned on any vehicle, vessel or simply place in a backpack and relay host positions at preset intervals. This technology can be used to enhance search and rescue activities, offer a comfort zone to those awaiting the arrival of a family member or friend traveling outdoors while hunting, fishing, etc. IBL president, Ian Edwards, states that they can now track any asset, or group of assets, anywhere in the world twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. The tracking units can operate hands free for a duration of 7 months, and end users can view the geospatial track of assets simply by connecting to and follow the link to geospatial tracker. To witness first hand the benefits of this exciting new technology, please visit our website to track a snowmobile expedition traversing the rugged terrain of Labrador.

IBL’s GeoSpatial Tracker can be utilized at any time, day or night and from any computer with an Internet connection. With the device number, family members or friends can access the location of remote vehicles at any time.