A.N.L.S makes LG Official
Jan 23, 2009

LandGazette is the Official Online Property Mapping System of Newfoundland Land Surveyors. Newfoundland Land Surveyors Adopt LandGazette as Their Official Onine Property Mapping System

The Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors (ANLS) formally endorses the Information Brokerage Ltd. (IBL) LandGazette software package as The Official online property mapping system for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Endorsement of the program means registered land surveyors will be provided with online functionality to enable them to contribute to a provincial land ownership map, as they complete their respective surveys. Surveyors, lawyers, land assessors, government agencies, the general public, etc. will be able to search and download information from the property mapping system, on a low fee per transaction basis. This initiative brings with it many advances in real property dealings in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, some of which may be summarized as follows:

  • Survey information will be available on a 24/7 basis without the need for any specialized software programs;
  • Professional land surveyors will have graphical index of existing surveys to enable them to avoid or properly document boundary issues;
  • Lawyers will have another source of information in certifying title to properties;
  • Municipalities may access the property map to ground truth municipal assessment records and manage various municipal service easements;
  • Utility companies may use the system to manage utility easements.

Wilf Thorne, NLS, President of the ANLS, states that this day has been a long time coming, but now that it is here, he is pleased to see the ANLS, through its membership, taking control of Provincial property mapping, which in many respects has been mandated by the Land Surveyors Act. Thorne went on to say “… who better to do this than the working surveyor in the field who has first hand knowledge of the boundary issues being encountered…this will go a long way towards protecting public interest with respect to boundary determinations. Land surveyors have always been tasked with organizing the property ownership jig-saw-puzzle; LandGazette will now become one more tool to assist them in this endeavor.”

Ian Edwards, President of IBL, noted that this official recognition of their LandGazette software package brings with it a renewed vigor within the Company to promote the LandGazette product and the land surveying industry. “It places us on a new plateau because now when we approach government departments for additional information, such as Crown titles, we are speaking in partnership with a provincially recognized association … this means that they will take us more seriously.”

Revenue generated through end-user use of LandGazette will be distributed on a prearranged percentage to the respective surveyors, the ANLS and IBL. This model of revenue splitting and collaboration is unique to this province and is the envy of many professional survey associations throughout the world.

Additional information on LandGazette may be obtained at or , information on the ANLS may be obtained at